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Nature – The One Truth in an Increasingly Disconnected & Technological World

I love nature, I love getting outdoors, going on walks, seeing the countryside, being in amongst deep wooded areas where the sounds of life just fade away. There’s a certain healing element that I feel is tied to our instinctual human self, when we find ourselves out somewhere beautiful with the sun, the sky, a breeze surrounding us that just feels so right. Being out more and getting in that sweet, sweet exercise has been a cornerstone of getting healthier mentally and physically for me personally and so it’s been something that has just felt so poignant to express via some designs with photo’s and inspiration I’ve picked up from noticing certain patterns, little moments and picturesque scenery.

Humans evolved in nature, and our bodies and brains are still adapted to it. When we are in nature, we are exposed to a variety of stimuli that our senses are designed to process, such as the sound of a bird tweeting away (ironically, in the past, this has always been something that could really annoy me but there’s loving birds singing and having them scream at 4am to wake you up!), the smell of pine needles, and the feel of the sun on your skin. These stimuli can trigger a cascade of physiological and psychological responses that make us feel relaxed, happy, and connected to the world around us. We’re all deeply entwined with nature, we all belong ultimately to nature and the greater universe around us – having our work-life, our huge reliance on technology and most the modern niceties of life around us constantly it really feels like we’re trimming away a lot of the connection we have deep down to the natural world. Shorter grass, tidier gardens, gravel paths, paving stone patios, glass conservatories. Concrete jungles, mega cities, multi storey carparks, endless motorways.

Spending time in nature has been shown to have a number of psychological benefits, including reducing stress, improving mood, and boosting creativity. These benefits are likely due to the fact that nature can help us to relax, clear our minds, and connect with something larger than ourselves. In short, there are a number of reasons why being in the woods feels so instinctually right to humans. Our evolutionary history, our biological makeup, and the psychological benefits of nature all contribute to this feeling.

Here are some studies that support the benefits of being in nature:

  • A study published in the journal “Nature” found that spending time in nature can help reduce stress levels by up to 60%.
  • Another study, published in the journal “Scientific Reports,” found that spending time in nature can improve cognitive function, such as attention and memory.
  • And a third study, published in the journal “Environmental Science & Technology,” found that spending time in nature can boost creativity.

So next time you’re feeling stressed, down, or creatively blocked, head to the nearest patch of green space and see how you feel. You might be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

A quick search for some things to do or places to go around you can be quite eye opening – I’ve spent the best part of my life in one area of the UK, thinking that all of the walks, adventures, hikes, random outings with family, friends and all sorts of random acquaintances surely I’d been able to see all of the local places and footpaths? Nope. Nowhere near. I’m still being shown new areas and walks all the time. Now that I’m actively looking for the small moments when the sun catches some particularly colourful leaves or the way the rain drops fall into a rippling puddle in certain way there’s beauty to be found in the smallest of features in places I have been too. Loads of these moments are layered in all the Au Naturel range of t-shirts and are linked (obviously) below.

Overall, there are many benefits to going outdoors and spending more time in nature. If you are looking for ways to improve your physical and mental health (I mean who the fuck isn’t right?), boost your creativity (This is a major one, those looking for a break from writers/creative block then just get yourself out and get that heart beating quicker), and possibly connect with others, then spending time in ol’ Mother Nature is a great option.

Here are some simple ones for getting more time outdoors:

  • Take a walk somewhere local – just get them shoes and your jacket/coat/waterproof/etc and get out the door! Those first steps are the most meaningful, it doesn’t need to be some big thing. Once you’re off, just go where the wind takes you.
  • Sit in your backyard or on your balcony and enjoy the fresh air. Even simpler than the first, but honestly we take for granted what we have right in front of us far too often. Take time to appreciate what’s literally right outside, even from the comfort of the backdoor at times
  • Visit a local garden or arboretum (Definition Check: a botanical collection composed exclusively of trees of a variety of species). Would fully recommend going to reserves, forests & nurseries, National Trust places, somewhere with something a bit different
  • Go camping and take a kayak or fishing. Getting out into places with more water, streams, rivers, canals – there’s something extra special about running water on a nature adventure
  • Spend time at the beach or in the mountains. Weather permitting obviously – UK isn’t the best place for beaches in the summer most the time but I have to admit I love it when it is the right time.
  • Take a nature photography class – putting this here because I’d love to find one local to me!
  • Volunteer for an environmental organisation. Can’t speak higher for this point, having helped out a wellness and support centre’s farm, getting stuck in with helping out has been massively rewarding. Absolutely would recommend

Hopefully there’s been something in there to take away that may help! It’s certainly been a huge help to me getting out more and so it felt poignant to get this written out. Thanks so much for reading!

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