Supporting Mental Health - GoKat.Me - Positive T-shirts. Nature T-shirts. Bootleg & Neurodiverse T-shirt Designs
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Supporting Mental Health


In collaboration with Templum – a neurodiverse-friendly creative group that supports mental health in the North West of England – and our Positivity and Nature ranges.

Templum supports and has provided artwork for some of the Au Naturel range, the its.that.positivity range, is the inspiration for our Neurodiverse designs and – most importantly – shares some excellent core foundations which align with GoKatMe:
neurodiversity. creativity. connection.

GoKatMe is proud to collaborate with and boost exposure of Templum.

Positive T-shirts

We want to change the way clothes are worn. We want to share the ability to wear positivity. Change someone’s day, lift someone’s mood, make someone smile. Wear positivity. Wear GoKatMe. (Wear Positivi-tee’s? We’ll let ourselves out..)

Nature T-shirts

Nature should be celebrated. The photography on these t-shirts was taken to appreciate those small moments and details that make the natural world so beautiful. ‘A picture says a thousand words’ is a meaningful quote, what does wearing it say? Wear nature. Wear GoKatMe.